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Les garçons dans la piscine (Mixed Swimming II) on video.

The athletic lads of the St. Dunstans’ swim team are off to France! An opportunity to compete with their European counterparts and experience French culture first hand. The young men are bursting with excitement to find out if all the stories they’ve heard about exotic French women are true. But this is going to be one school trip where the boys learn about a lot more than the Entente Cordiale.


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St Dunstans Infirmary – “Nurse, the screens!”

CFNM Academy – Teacher training

CFNM Academy – Male anatomy for girls

CFNM Academy – Detention for bad girls

CFNM Academy – The Head Boy

CFNM Academy – Mr. Taylor learns a lesson

St Dunstans Infirmary – Bully gets his comeupance

CFNM training – Joe

CFNM Academy – Schoolboy punished for peeping

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Male strippers videos

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Naked guys in movies