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Fratmen’s newest, gorgeous, blue eyed fratboy cums to them courtesy of fellow model Graham. Who apparently tells everyone that Vance is a real bad boy. As you can see, the boy has it all going on! Once you’re eventually able to tear your stare away from his sweet smile and sea blue peepers, a body that can only be honed by hours of athletic activity and gym time is beheld. Vance isn’t a huge bodybuilder type though. No, his is a physique that could be utilized for pretty well any sport available. Vance is fast, strong, has high endurance and is just downright perfect. Can there be any doubt of that?

Leaning against a doorway while grinning into the camera lens, Vance’s bad boy persona cums across. It’s subtle mind you, but still evident if you you stare long enough into those eyes of his. He loves to tease too, so while Vance undoes his jeans fairly quickly, it’s a little while longer before he pulls his package. It’s just about 7 inches long and has the ability to make a mouth water at first sight. At least, it did for us. Being a bad boy, Vance was hard in seconds flat. The anticipation of getting off for us all is all too entertaining for a cocky college jock like Vance after all!

As if the front of Vance wasn’t enough of an erection giver, when he starts humping the bed, his ass cheeks only confirm his incredible athleticism and symmetry. Amateur? Sure. Nervous? Hell no. Vance is a cocksure bad ass with a taste for the extremely wild.

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For those whom locker room gay voyeur cameras make horny I got one more hot post in the blog about one of the videos I have.

The video from gay spy cam shows us some amazing minutes from football locker room. Several young sportsmen arrived in after having shower when their football match was finished. You can see these hot straight naked athletes changing clothes and dressing and not knowing they are filmed by the pervy cameraman.

So these young football players came directly off the game to take their sport dress and run into the showers nude to wash. You get the parade of smooth asses and swinging cocks and balls and of course wet hairy pubis as the boys are straight for certain. On return to the locker room they wipe themselves with towels and put on their sport boxer shorts.

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